The user experiencea are defined at the very beginning of design process. In this stage, designers do research that leads to the design concept and final outcomes. Therefore, the beginning is the most crucial part of design process, which set the tone of the design. Therefore, users should get involved at the beginning of design process By making users from passively choose products into positively contribute to the concept, we can create better end-user experiences. 
What's the role of users in the co-design process?
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  SENSING OBJECTS is a platform for users and designers to co-design product. For users, start with choosing and sharing experiences, based one products and words, they can learn a different way to perceive products and build their understanding of d esigning products. Later on, they can start to design products and contribute to design process. For designers, the more people get involved in design process, the more variety they will bring into the design. With others contribution, design will become more and more engaging!
Learning Process
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