We are all familiar with the moment that an idea occurs to our minds and we scribble it on a piece of paper next to us. Ideas strat to grow from the moment we put it down. In order to collect every possible idea, we define our product as a platform to integrate the physical and digital ideation process.  The physical component is a framework that provides guidelines for recording ideas. The digital component is a website/app for recording and reviewing ideas.
 The BlankBank wordmark serves more as a placeholder for categories of ideas rather than a stylistic logo. Its bold yet simple quality is reflected on the entire system, where ideas are valued more than anything else.
 We use Akzidenz-Grotesk BQ Super and Medium for type throughout the BlankBank idea archiving system. When using the Super weight, only uppercase letters are used, and this weight is used on more important information. Akzidenz is simple and neutral, performs great in smaller sizes and doesn’t take away too much attention.
 The physical component is two stamps. One has the framework of recording ideas; the other is an approval stamp that people can use for selecting worth saving ideas.  The framework stamp assists users to clarify ideas within a sentence: This is a___that___for___. Also, it reminds users to write down the key information for the future search.
 The stamps can be applied on different sizes of notebooks, papers or anything users want to write on. This feature makes recording ideas easy and accessible.    
 The digital component is an app that can help users to record, review and share ideas in different scenarios. It has four functions: search, discover, collect and archive.  Search: search ideas with full-text search or create filters to refine the search results.  Discover: discover ideas by choosing different brownie's tags. (Brownie's Guide to Expertly Defined Ideas)  Collect: collect ideas that suit for the current projects and export them to the idea board.  Archive: record/digitalize ideas that might be useful in the future.
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